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Contributing Modules

Contributing Modules

Adding new modules to Risor is a great way to get involved with the project. For example, contributors have added modules for jmespath, sql, and vault.

If the module wraps a package in the Go standard library, then it can be added by default to the Risor CLI and Go library, since it doesn't introduce additional dependencies. Otherwise, it can be added as an optional module that must have its own go.mod file. In both cases, the module can live in the same location in this Git repository.

If, when the module is built, the Go binary size is significantly increased, then the module should also be put on a Go build tag to make it optional in the Risor CLI build. This is currently the case for the aws and vault modules for example.

Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Create a new directory under modules for your module
  • In that directory, run go mod init<name>
  • Mimic the Go code for one of the existing modules, definining a Module and/or Builtins function.
  • Update cmd/risor/root.go to add the module and/or builtins in the Risor CLI.
  • Add a modules/<name>/<name>.md file with documentation.
  • Add some unit tests in your module.
  • Confirm make test passes.
  • Run make tidy to make sure all the go.mod files are up-to-date.
  • Open a pull request.